Points Fund


Thank you for choosing to compete in the 2020 racing season at Arizona Speedway .

1: We will begin points racing for both Arizona Speedway and USA Raceway from 2/21/2020 – 11/31/2020 .

2: All races in this time will be considered points races unless otherwise noted.

3: We may have special events through out the year that could count for double points races. These races will be called so in advance.

4: As always, 100% of pill draw money collected through the year will be split between the awards banquet costs and driver points fund to be disbursed at the end of the season. (Trophies, banquet costs and payout)

5: We will hold the 2020 awards banquet in December 2020 or January 2021 at a TBD location.

6: To qualify for the year end points fund a driver will need to compete in the same division in 75% of the scheduled races in that that division or series.

7: A driver not competing in 75% of the races will forfeit all points fund monies and trophies.

7a: Only exception is if driver is new to the division, begins competing in that division after 25% of scheduled races have began and still ends up top 10 in points.  A trophy will then be presented but no point fund money will be awarded or shared.

8: A driver may drive more than 1 car per division in a season and may switch numbers through out the season and still be qualified for year end points in same division.

9: A driver may not be able to substitute another driver in their vehicle and collect points in uncompeting drivers name for that night.

10: Points and attendance will not be merged or counted between divisions. IE Bomber attendance will not count toward Pure Stock attendance if drivers switches classes mid season.

11: Points fund will be paid to top 10 in each division scheduled for more than 8 races per year at Arizona Speedway.

Thanks again for choosing to run Arizona Speedway for the 2020 points season. We hope you all have great seasons.

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